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Last days in Final Fantasy XIV Open-Beta

Greetings everyone,

 the open beta is approaching the end, so i decided to post a little more pic´s from it >>>


(more pic´s are following over this day...) 

The last couple days i leveled my Lance to Rank 13 and started all the craft classes like: carpenter, armorer, blacksmith, goldsmith...

To craft isnt that easy it seems, its like a mini-game with pure luck in the end how well you make your goods.

Something i realy like about the crafting stuff is that you get exp for your physical level, so whatever you do, you get allways exp for Phy.Lv  :D


So this is/was my last post from the open beta, will see you again in pre-release with a new Orphen + new lastname.


18.9.10 09:59

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