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1st steps in the

Heya eveyone, maybe some people still knows me from Final Fantasy XI - Orphenmaster from Sylph Server -


Since i quite FFXI in March2009, i played a few other MMORPGs like:

- Perfect World (f2p) Character: Nefie (Archer - Sanctuary Server)

- Aion (p2p)Character: Yulivee (Ranger - Castor/Teleblabla Server)


When i heared, that the closed Beta of Final Fantasy XIV starts soon, i applied as fast as i could for a beta key...

but after a few weeks and month i gave up waiting for my close-beta-key. At that point i thought to give up on any future Final Fantasy MMORPGs but...  then one of my best friends/FFXI bro - Dragontc - told me that the open beta starts soon.

My hope was back, and i signed up for the Open Beta and voilá - they send me my open beta key.

I started to download the client from Final Fantasy XIV and noticed that the direct-download will take years... download speed 0-20kb...

After a few days it was finally finished and i could install the game :D


My first login into FFXIV was like... "wow, what beautiful graphics, so many details... omg voices for your chars!!! "

 I created my 1st Character, an Hume Lancer - HomeTown: Limsa Lominsa - named after my FFXI charackter: Orphen Rhan.


When i started the game i was stunned from the 1st "dubed cs"...

And blabla, i bet you dont wanna read more nonesense,right ? 

Ohwell, so here a few pictures from Orphen´s journey >>>



Hope you liked what you saw, more pics will come.... 

SORRY guys but there is a fish on the line i need to catch !!! >.<

See ya later in a few days....

15.9.10 09:47

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