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Orphen´s journal - Final Fantasy XIV -

 This will be a blog about Orphen´s journeys in the world of Eoriza. ... weiterlesen
12.9.10 19:08

1st steps in the

Heya eveyone, maybe some people still knows me from Final Fantasy XI - Orphenmaster from Sylph Serve... weiterlesen
15.9.10 09:47

Last days in Final Fantasy XIV Open-Beta

Greetings everyone, the open beta is approaching the end, so i decided to post a little more pi... weiterlesen
18.9.10 09:59

A new hero is born Orphen San ~ Final Fantasy XIV Pre-Release

  ... weiterlesen
25.9.10 14:28

1st Battlewarden Quest ~ Epic fail :D

Today i done my first Battlewarden Quest... i havent known anything about it and just tried it out..... weiterlesen
25.9.10 16:54